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TurboLogix is a user-friendly open architecture PLC
based control system for the control, monitoring
and protection of all makes and models of
centrifugal compressors.
The PLC brings flexibility, availability, and
serviceability from several resources, including Air
Relief and/or the user’s on-site staff. TurboLogix
systems offer immediate integration into user’s
distributed control systems and many energy
efficiency modes of operation.

TurboLogix is a well-established compressor
control system. Utilizing the rock-solid combination
of Allen-Bradley’s PLC hardware and the field-proven TurboLogix control and energy management
software. Customers have a robust open
architecture system that is unmatched in the
industry. Compressor activity is monitored
via a 10.5” LCD-based operator interface that offers
real-time data viewing/trending or tied into a user’s
system via Ethernet for high-speed data acquisition.

TurboLogix® BASIC

  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix hardware standard
  • Open software architecture
  • Modbus & Allen-Bradley communication included
  • 7” – 15″ color touch-screen operator interface standard
  • Extensive data trending/event logs plus backup
  • Energy saving compensated turn-down
  • Fully field-configurable
  • Simplified installation and startup
  • DCS-friendly
  • Enhanced reliability
  • TurboGuardian Cloud compatible


  • Includes all of the features of TurboLogix® BASIC
  • Customized design panel to fit your needs.
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix upgrade hardware available
  • Replace or integrate with current or obsolete system


  • Includes all of the features of TurboLogix® BASIC and ENGINEERED
  • Designed for quick, easy drop-in retrofit upgrades
  • Retrofit solutions available for any OEM
  • In-house manufacturing to ensure quick delivery
  • Modbus RTU, TCP/IP and Allen-Bradley Ethernet IP communication interfaces standard


  • Energy saving throttle valve alignment and compressor management system to provide utmost in savings from the “inlet guide vane effect” from all units
  • “Peer-to-Peer” design – no external black box or special hardware required
  • Ethernet-based communication network
  • Automated management system (start/stop, load/unload) of compressors
  • Compatible with electric and turbine driven centrifugal compressors
  • Fastest installation and setup anywhere in the world


  • Hardware/software enhancement to pinpoint issues that cause frequent downtime
  • Features include performance measurements for electricity usage/costs, inlet and bypass valves performance, compressor performance loss due to dirty inlet filters, oil pressure loss due to dirty oil filters and maintenance alerts.
  • Highly desirable upgrade for preventative maintenance, enhanced troubleshooting, field performance analysis and cloud-based analytics.
  • Helps minimizes field service calls and prevents downtime – saving customers money.

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