Coolers are crucial for the safe and reliable operation of centrifugal air compressors. Without proper cooling, the compressed air can reach high temperatures, leading to inefficiencies in the compressor’s process, reduced lifespan, and even equipment failure.

We offer new coolers for your Centac and Cameron Joy compressors and clean, test, and repair services.


Available Coolers

  • Coolers available for IR and Cameron Joy centrifugal compressor models
  • They’re stored at our facility and available for large and small compressors for immediate shipment.

Air Testing

  • All coolers receive an air test after assembly to ensure they are 100% leak-free before shipment and installation, backed by our Zero-Leak Guarantee.
  • Air testing is a more robust test media than water to ensure zero leakage.
  • Tested in Air Relief certified test fixtures

Quality Assurance

  • All construction materials are certified to ASTM standards for physical, chemical, and mechanical properties
  • Manufactured in the US with globally sourced parts
  • Each is uniquely identified and can be traced back to its source materials, assembly, and testing reports
  • We offer the lowest cost and highest value on the market

Cooler CTR (Clean, Test, Repair)

  • Our repair facility is operated in-house for fast turnaround and lower cost
  • Tested in Air Relief certified test fixtures
  • The process is controlled in-house with our own environmentally-friendly chemicals and cleaning tanks
  • We provide thorough inspections for quality assurance