Air Relief Metrology Lab

Dedicated to ensuring the optimal performance and quality of your centrifugal compressor, our in-house, temperature-controlled Metrology Lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology and a team of experts committed to excellence.

Customized Impeller and Diffuser Configurations

Every centrifugal compressor that passes through our shop features a distinctive configuration of impellers and diffusers. These parts were modified during the original manufacture of the compressor to match the compressor’s output to the customer’s site conditions. Therefore, to assist with the repair and remanufacturing effort, we capture and build libraries of these unique shapes and dimensions. To do so requires specialized tools and software we utilize in our Metrology Lab.

Specialized Tools & Software Used in Our Metrology Lab

At the core of our lab lies a highly accurate Zeiss coordinate measurement machine, a FARO measurement arm, and a laser scanner. These advanced tools are meticulously employed to capture the intricate details of your compressor’s internal components. The FARO arm, specifically designed for 3D data capture, obtains data from complex geometric shapes such as impeller blades and diffuser vanes.

Beyond Data Collection

We rely on specialized software to process the collected data. This vital step transforms raw data into serviceable models, ensuring the highest level of precision in every part we handle. In an industry where many competitors can capture raw data, we stand out by possessing not only cutting-edge part scanning tools but also the software and engineering expertise to translate that data into complete and accurate part models. Few, if any, can match our dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions that go beyond the surface.

Learn More About Our Metrology Lab

Interested in learning more about our metrology lab and how we can support your business? Contact us today to talk to one of our compressed air experts.